The Problem?

Many California county governments are burdened by outmoded legacy computer systems. Some counties have computer systems still in service that were developed in the early 1970s. The unique requirements of California tax laws, such as Proposition 13, preclude California’s use of many software systems developed for other government agencies in the U.S. Additionally, California counties often lack the resources to develop extensive new computer systems themselves. Faced with limited resources while administering constantly changing property tax requirements, California counties look to the latest Cloud solutions to help them provide cost-effective service to constituents.

gTerra Ltd. not only addresses this issue using state-of-the-art technology, but has created the most advanced and comprehensive Property Tax System to date.

Reduce operating costs

The declining government budgets across the State have increased the urgency for counties to improve the efficiency of their computer systems. "Cloud Computing" technology is a proven solution to this problem.

gPS can reduce a county's Property System operating costs by up to 50%.

Current progress

gTerra signs up first California County. A full production site was set up within days and the county's data was converted and ready for full production testing within two weeks... with more to come!