gTerra Property System

gPS is hosted on the Internet as a "Cloud" service eliminating the need for capital acquisitions and the lengthy acquisition process. Internet hosting sites provide secure facilities that ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability. Utilized by industry and governments, ‘Cloud Computing’ provides the highest standards of computer performance and security at a very competitive cost.

gPS has achieved new levels of automation for County Offices and also significantly reduces the overall operating cost. Some Counties can reduce the cost of their Property Systems by up to 50% (details available upon request).


These features highlight just a portion of the extensive functionality within the design of gPS.

  • 'Cloud Computing' - gTerra Ltd. hosts the Property System on the Internet relieving the county(s) of any hardware or software maintenance. No software or hardware purchases required.
  • Multi-tiered security and encryption provide the highest levels of data protection.
  • Built-in disaster recovery, with anywhere access, protects counties from potential emergencies.
  • Online information can be downloaded on demand into personal databases and spreadsheets and subsequently uploaded for mass changes.
  • Integrated workload accounting and supervised update transactions are part of the online management toolset.
  • All historical transactions are available online.
  • Comprehensive ownership provenance describes all value divisions.
  • Prop. 8 analysis and update tools include automated Prop. 13 value restoration. Prop. 8 and original Prop. 13 base values are juxtaposed on each parcel, in user-friendly displays.
  • Online appraisal valuation tools include comparable sales queries.
  • Automatic Supplemental Assessments include partial interest transfers.
  • Business owners can update their accounts online.
  • Modular design includes interfaces for GIS, specialty programs, Auditor/Tax Collector integration.
  • Integrated off-the-shelf applications (e.g. Microsoft Office) provide extended functionality to the Property System.